About us....

Kendallvue's Belief Statement

Because we believe that learning is a consequence of thinking…

every day in our classroom you’ll see children playing, reading, writing, and talking more than you’ll see us reading, writing, and talking!

Because we believe children need time to practice what we are working so hard to teach them… every day you’ll see them engaged in conversations, exploration, and play.

Because we believe in the gradual release of responsibility instructional model and its goals for student independence…every day you’ll see us modeling just enough to show children how and why, sending them off to have a go, and catching them back if and when they need it.

Because we believe in instilling the spark of agency within children…every day you’ll see children working hard, and us asking questions like, How did you figure that out? What did you notice? What is your plan? What makes you think that? Tell me more...

Because we believe every learner needs descriptive feedback to grow and get smarter…every day you’ll see us conferring with children individually, looking at the work they create, and scaffolding their experiences so they continue to grow.

Because we believe in the connections between student ownership and engagement…every day you’ll see children making thoughtful choices about what, where, when, how and with whom.

Because we believe in the power of the classroom community and the emotional engagement it offers…every day you’ll see children interacting with each other in collaborative, thoughtful, and respectful ways.

Because we believe in a child’s driving sense of curiosity…. every learner has the opportunity to foster their interests through exploration.



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