Keyboard Skills

Keyboard Skills
2016 Golden Keyboard Challenge

Qwerty Keyboard Camp 2015

Qwerty Keyboard Camp 2015

Typing Skills & Tests

Dance Mat Typing                            Timed Tests to Practice  
Power Typing                                   Typing Tests
Speed Typing

Keyboard Poem

Left pinkie A, stretch down for B 
Middle left finger C, D, E. 
Right together F and G. 
First finger H, above is I.
J, K, L side by side 
M and N, right below. 
Ring finger O, pinkies P and Q 
R, S, T, are three for me 
Stretch up for U, drop down for V, 
Move ring finger up and down, W and X there are found. 
Go up for Y, stretch down for Z. 

Keyboard Chart

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