About Mrs. Cox

A True Story: in the Spirit of Books 

A long, long time ago, in a town not so far away, Mrs. Cox lived in the country while growing up. Directly out her childhood western window lay Mt. Morrison and Red Rock Amphitheater; that view represented "home". She enjoyed horses, chickens and even a goat for her childhood pets. When Denver Public Schools went on strike one year, her older brother took her to school with different horse drawn transportation every day--a two-seater buggy, Doc Holiday buggy, traditional pony cart, and a sleigh. Unfortunately for her brother, the snow melted before the horse could make it home. Her brother had to call their mom to come and drag the sleigh home with a car--lucky neighbors! What a screeching sound the metal covered runners made on the pavement all the way home.
In junior high, Mrs. Cox moved back out behind the foothills, still with a view of Red Rocks. She enjoyed taking walks in the ravine by Turkey Creek, flew through the air on her zip-line over her backyard pond, and loved her country life.

She attended college in Tennessee where she majored in English with a secondary education certification; then she moved to Venezuela where she taught English and Speech/Drama for two years. 

Mrs. Cox's two daughters were born while she and her husband were living in Germany and Austria. Her few years living in Europe created quite a wanderlust in Mrs. Cox--one of her favorite pass times--seeing the sites, wandering the land, enjoying the culture, and eating delicious food. 

Currently, Mrs. Cox has three cats, seven hens, and one rooster--and a hen who crows! She also sees foxes, coyotes, hawks, owls, an eagle, rabbits, and an occasional bee swarm in her yard. She and her husband enjoy creating an oasis of outdoor beauty and space--all with a view of Red Rocks and Mt. Morrison.  Besides gardening and creating with design and color, Mrs. Cox enjoys reading, walking, hiking, biking, traveling, viewing stunning sunrises and sunsets, and beaches which are hard to find in Colorado! 

In 2007, Mrs. Cox became a librarian and discovered that she works in a library that is "not her father's library"! This library contains not only books, but also computers complete with software and the Internet. Since then she has discovered that she delights in designing a winsome website, a lovely library, and guiding 21st Century Learners--all of YOU--in computer skills, complete with software such as Pixie, Internet intelligence, website research, Google Apps, web tools, creativity, and so much more each and every year!
All of this is performed at a school with almost a view of Red Rocks--she happily sees Red Rocks while driving to school--it makes her feel at home.
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